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Team Meetings

Teams appreciate a workplace that focuses on their well-being, leaving team members happier and staying with their companies for longer.

Managers should talk to their teams about their well-being regularly, but this is sometimes easier said than done, Anonimoo helps to highlight issues in the team and key topics to focus on within team meetings.

Here are some steps you can take to improve team discussions.

  • Listen to the team and repeat back what you've heard to make sure you've understood fully, working through each issue individually.

  • Think of open questions to help generate thorough discussions that lead the team to open up about problems, you can also use the Anonimoo dashboard to help.

  • Appreciate openness when a team member shares a personal situation or offers a suggestion, it can take a lot to stand up in front of the team and say what's on your mind.

  • Share a time your well-being was challenged, this can show vulnerability is okay to the team and resonate with others in the team

  • Summarise the next steps to the team so they are confident improvement is the focus of the discussion and not just another management box-ticking exercise.

Studies show team members want managers to discuss mental health with them so give yourself a pat on the back, it is not easier introducing change but realise the high importance of what you're doing!

To find out more about improving your team's experience and encourage a healthy work/life balance, get in touch today for an informal chat.

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